The Life Of The First Bank Founder In Myanmar

Investment banking first started in Myanmar (Around 1900) issued by India, which has invested about Rs Billion “no position in the Company Limited” was established, In his era, the richest businessman in Arakan His hands and all the victims of money, India invited the perpetrator’s degree and who was awarded GRACEFUL gold sash. You have … Read more

“My Sister Gone On The Train”

“My Sister Gone On The Train” With a scream, a little boy ran past me and ran after the train. I was standing at the edge of the platform and watching as the street gang and the new team formed. It was about 9:30 pm. The train accelerated and exited the platform. The boy was … Read more

“No More Gold No More Money”

“No More Gold No More Money” It was about 30 years ago. In our street, an elderly woman tells the neighbors that her older son is working in Japan. He son is studied in the United States and her son started working in Thailand. My daughter and son-in-law live in Singapore (permanent residence) in Singapore. … Read more

Yangon’s Most Famous Old Canyon “Bagayar”

Yangon street railway crossing only two teeth. The sound will be located in a Road Street rail crossing and saw the pillar in the middle of the area and the area bordering the stream version of the canyon. Since the original version is a big canyon, a canyon. People have dug up to create terror. … Read more

Change Mind Change Habbit

People childhood of the parents, relatives, Most of the teachers teaching in school, I grew up under. They always taught one thing, “I am trying. Make a 10 degree grade, I have sat at good salaries “after graduation. The small hut is frequently arising out of neutral words of his head grow addicted to work … Read more

Things Disappears Due To Handphones

Today, smartphones are widely used from change in living. Smartphones, previously used in our daily to ignore things. Smartphones have been replaced by the material they had been dismissed because of (11) as below. 1. Flashlight – Flashlight app in smartphones and sharing in the screen as needed and just rub away to light a … Read more

“A Hat Seller And Group Of Monkey”

I once sold helmets carpenter leaving his house I sold the marketplace Midst, and put it on the two helmets barley and began to carry the bars. He wore a hat due to hot. Arrived in less than a half Print. The basket was going to bear the heat in the already very tired. Print … Read more

The Big Different Between Singapore And Myanmar

One sister had come to visit Singapore, said “no” Neighborhood “has been stuck in a train full of people in the bus station they work for everyone”.  Yes, sister sea level in roughly a bed grandparents are not a bed at home, some still work 60/70 occupational pension even doing the request of (company). One … Read more

Westerners In Age, What They Do?

(1) Those who most Americans drink milk drink milk drink milk breakfast lunch dinner, I tend to drink more than 80 more than 70 more than 60, and friendly American friends ever found one tooth happy childhood, because they held fast to drink milk calcium power Fit and strong bones and teeth. When my mother … Read more


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