“A Hat Seller And Group Of Monkey”

I once sold helmets carpenter leaving his house I sold the marketplace Midst, and put it on the two helmets barley and began to carry the bars. He wore a hat due to hot.

Arrived in less than a half Print. The basket was going to bear the heat in the already very tired. Print under the shadow of great, I was cool. I want to sit temporarily. I threw a large basket before a large Print. The rest, he fell asleep. He wake up in the basket when his hat and left a empty.

His chest hat is left. The symbol is going, what does disappear on the Print a copy of the monkey’s head chopped. The helmets and issuing advice as to what to do to rebuild. He was always reading, when works often exist to consider the very problem solving. About half an hour. I thought he thought.

His hand monkey head helmets on their heads. I left a visible place. The monkeys have never seen a hat code showed it had been burned. Monkey are scratching off a fake stole her hat. So too hot, I do not want to hold the hat style hat down onto the earth. The monkeys were also seen their hands were thrown into the hat. So he threw monkey. I quickly picked up the hat. In this way, all the monkeys hand hat.

(20 years later), after the rise of the young daughter of a savage sell helmets hat sales. When his grandfather sleep under Print retired putting helmets. I fell asleep. Actually, in the wake awake hat. Print is staying on monkey head.

So his grandfather had said, and tried to rebuild his grandfather hat. He said hat unloaded scratch his head. Monkey also began his Helmets and whisk again. Monkey. they had their helmets and whisk again. He eventually hand hat discarded. And if we would throw his hat lifts monkeys. Why not throw a monkey hat anymore.

They grasped hands. He also threw a monkey while watching Depp surprised when on the tree picked up the hat. Speaking tree monkey fled before him on the bus. “You have sold well, and also do not forget that there is a price,” Experiencing any difficulty, is a common way to solve the former thought to be a point to this story. Got laughing, alongside any sense would be satisfied.


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