The Big Different Between Singapore And Myanmar

One sister had come to visit Singapore, said “no” Neighborhood “has been stuck in a train full of people in the bus station they work for everyone”.  Yes, sister sea level in roughly a bed grandparents are not a bed at home, some still work 60/70 occupational pension even doing the request of (company).

One is a friend 72-year-old man morning office 3/4 hours a day / evening pave Taxi driver (not greed).  This work is about the type of healthy men eat nine months of 2000/3000, work is to care for the kids and adult (parents and in-laws (domestic) maid) an order to pay 1 350/400 .

While some couples, men and women do not have to shift down to the night shift to work in the fields with the sunset evening job so almost no difference between the poor class. Wealthy class is very big money goes away and yet, they have to work together, and they did the same thing.

Possess no mosquito / flies / empty branches in favor of equal, they have to eat the dishes turbulent mouth shook enough to lift them know myself to save money for a life of luxury, if you sit and eat at home.  The job is not done bad headache / illness became a matter level of their work as openly as you eat and drink They have children.

Shrimp / crab our most abundant country can not everyone, but our people do eat is imported from other countries where the poor in Singapore VVlP to sit at a desk plate can eat crab / shrimp, and it’s working, disciplined and everyone benefits resulting grandmother say “sesame seed” ” Want to eat sesame seeds. ”

Five adult family home, one must work at least four mandatory or value, to cover the remaining value of rice with 1 sink “cart-wheel mud push” Help “. Please,  “Do not move too heavy.”  Moved from a work in parallel to be able to come up out of the mud in family 1/1 Members of the team captain how many other corners of the front left tire can Supporting Goal conflict.

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