Westerners In Age, What They Do?

(1) Those who most Americans drink milk drink milk drink milk breakfast lunch dinner, I tend to drink more than 80 more than 70 more than 60, and friendly American friends ever found one tooth happy childhood, because they held fast to drink milk calcium power Fit and strong bones and teeth.

When my mother and his friends, including the country over the age of 60 is still broken teeth are broken rubble trouble and sad since we were young, who did not drink milk adhering the end result will be too late, some of the price, because it is not empty are going to elders So there’s no adherents to munch food nutrients fully fulfilled their nutritional and other health problems are also invited.

(2) Responsible retire retired life outside the house when they are, we can interview the retired without pension and depression push life happy to do a lifetime working immigrants from government pension payments are received may be loose loose fro those overcharging travel Ex Cree who already spend a nearby park, they set out to prepare.

Sunday local children played a free show in the park entertainment for children, dogs, grandfather, grandmother, knocking the kids are easy to transport food or children often come to drink, eat and listen to music dear friends, she can dissolve by themselves.

My friends and I read the newspapers every day for a pensioner couple date Discount underway Tuesday Tenderloin Tuesday because I need ham marked with kids calendar and prepare to leave the youth from acquiring more than 80 years old grandmother trailing nail detected unusual traffic without losing Previous mission have begun to change because of people giving up young.

(3) Children and grandchildren to love on the river, but is much more sound than this, that’s what makes them selfish parents say their children think they do not sound the way they merchant class since their own childhood school and the parents and leaving home and get my own life, and those who have been in existence More than half 30 of the 40 children a family troublesome sorry for them not be considered as a burden.

Our friend couple live a retired life with loose loose reel, but their sole and women are imprisoned for drug addiction and family in a flurry of being able to do if we go back to work in their chosen path and friendly with prayers about a month and I miss my children … grandchildren in the world 2 Grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter of the family before the signal is fed back and two bread bag Prince has been added.

If my own children and grandchildren in poverty like Hey You will say when they make mistakes parents try to fix it yourself hot hot and hopefully take our share of the social old age just around four and cold can Fifteen children Is a danger to the public last falling dilapidated ones insured more slack than it is a long life.

(4) That can stand for stand alone and some.  Already on the death of children and spouses have no idea at all to stay with maid called every other day over the age of 90 in America, head trembling, trembling, and the drivers are trying to change yourself completely if they can not carry their Nursing home sales, all belonging to the longer undo.

Some places like nursing home for the children to be able to go home to go to a nursing home than they do alone steel the ring, I will have depressed me, do not fall for me so no one will be meaningless … I do not want to rely on small, jealous Members are the size of a shopping site grandmother was carrying a package and I asked those who dislike.

This mind-set the broken leg falls relatives yet because they do not think anything is being moderate surgery, even if they are resistant to the opportunity to live there.

(5) It is self-love, self-love is his love life retired starts work obligations and responsibilities, so that was not my favorite hobbies children began to make the pension will increase job without having the time to go to sleep in the morning in bed. With the time to read the newspaper in the morning TV program at a children painting piano plant flowers going hobbies like embarrassment, fun and fresh.  Alone, not with all manner of things to give, together with the men and women talk to seek companionship Burma also.

In this age, prudent to stay active and healthy, the body has no need for anything except pay for Deprive sight, heighten movement that now can only get to learn to love yourself love are those who are happy and healthy life, our social environment, individuals in the shadow of the law It is an advantage having a trust in order to the lives of the American life style and inspiration, and I had never been done before, especially in the elderly is written specifically parents and grandparents all healthy and be glad.

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