Dr. Sai Khan And Best Revolution In Music Industry

For those who fought for the SLORC in the music industry, Dr Sai Pal is the most revered. When Than Shwe prepares to take office in 2010, the civilian vice-president must be a real citizen and must be well-known and must be well-known as a nationalist.

Than Shwe is not a jerk. He chose Dr. Sai Kham. He can see that. The person responsible for organizing the clinic is Dr. Than Kyaw Myint, the health minister in charge of Than Shwe. Dr. Kyaw Myint went to his friend Dr Leach personally three times.

Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Nai Tin Myint have been awarded the second highest monument in modern history in Myanmar. There was no turning back. He refused three times for the reason that he was sick and could not get up. So he had to replace his doctor.

The 61-year-old, who has been battling an unbearably bitter problem, has left the golden throne for conviction. Dr. Congratulations. Congratulations on 71st birthday.

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