Things Disappears Due To Handphones

Today, smartphones are widely used from change in living. Smartphones, previously used in our daily to ignore things. Smartphones have been replaced by the material they had been dismissed because of (11) as below.

1. Flashlight – Flashlight app in smartphones and sharing in the screen as needed and just rub away to light a fire and shelter Why flashlight is durable and will not want to carry. 2. Watch, clock, Hours – Many time-related equipment smartphones’re almost extinct. But also can watch some smartwatch as they change. Luxury Watches, there are a host of.

3. Map GPS device – Smartphones can use Google maps are easy to carry expensive silk paper maps are outdated. Similarly, the positioning device (GPS) are not used for smartphone longer be alive.

4. Tickets – Comes to mobile payment app for paper tickets, it becomes garbage. But still they have the security advantages. 5. Recording machines – If you really want to capture the sound good to use micro phones. But if you just want to talk to someone in the recording device can be convenient.

6. Mirrors – Your smartphone contains a front camera images Selfies a change would be known that you can use more than one. This haircut through the camera does not work, see if you can see lipsticks can be used as a mirror. Or possibly even without a camera phone screen beauty.

7. Paper tickets – Concerts The cinema has come to accept electronic signatures in different areas. Electronic signature to the light to read the scan screen works in all except for a pay increase.

8. Photo, Video cameras – High-quality videos captured on smartphones such as the iPhone, The quality of the pictures is truly amazing. Even the film portrays the iPhone has emerged. 9. i Pod, CD player and radio – Smartphones App to listen to the radio, fueled by this equipment is not even see last.

10. Distance calls, postage – Internet phone, even on smartphones Mail app, there’s no matter, no matter how far away from each other can not be considered to remote calls discretionary convenient.

11. Telephone talk on the phone just ideas – Smartphone phones are no longer just enough. And they’re out of our pocket computer for small children. Smartphone via music. Dinner, ordering Taxi leave Social media in touch with many of the issues.


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