Lack Of Decay Plastic Pollution And Global Environmental Problems

In daily life equipment incapable long plastic are involved, because of the lack of decay plastic pollution and global environmental problems we are facing.

Plastics are not damaged the environment risk animal species can die from danger. The content will now describe about plastic pollution killed Species damaged.

(1) Members of Pure

Every year at sea feeding seafaring birds living plastic pollution is dead now. Mainly gull birds find food and eat their food, instead of a small fish only people you forsaken plastic swallowing me dead as well.

(2) Whales and Dolphins

Like other aquatic creatures from plastic pollution killed animals include whales and dolphins that are in the sea every year, about 20 percent of whales and dolphins as plastic swallow because I block the digestive tract and die faces.

(3) Sea Turtles

According to the survey due to the capture of sea turtles are humans gradually scarce than plastic food and I eat more deaths says.

(4) Seals

Seals are plastic tab and swallowing pieces of plastic in the sea do not die because the body afflicted with physical over time, the injured died in the car.

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