Too Much Spicy Can Damage To Brain

The coherence of our body weight can reduce the unknown, but according to the latest studies, the cobbled  memory disorder improving called Dementia can cause brain damage.

In this research study, the study by taking some time to a Long Term Study and an estimated 4,500 people in that study.

In the study, more than 4,000 people by chili consumption (50 grams) for each of the consumer than doubled risk of brain damage and easily forgotten memory had become weak under study.

This study focuses chili consumption in Asian countries, it is the Enjoy either Dried chili or spicy tasty chili, excessive consumption of any type can affect the brain memory.

There is a chili containing Capsaicin Chemical Compound applied a little nerve damage is refreshing, but excessive use can affect brain researchers said. This study has found that the body weight and those who like spicy, a higher risk of brain damage.

“Chili eating spicy food, such as body weight and blood pressure effects may already know that will be noticed, but the latest study, which is becoming a”

“Pepper, The chili pepper ethnically diverse brain is nothing but chili instead of forming and can cause damage to the brain want to consider the people who like spicy food, “study containing Dr. Zumin Shi said.

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