Some Nutrients In Banana Can Reduce Weight

Bananas are a number of important nutrients and are rich in fiber. Eating bananas does not lead directly to weight loss, but some banana starch containing stomach to reduce the swelling, To control the desire to eat food, and glass can help replace the sugar in its place.

In a medium-sized banana fiber 3 million, consisting of 07 grams Adults should consume 25 grams of fiber daily. The relationship between fiber consumption by forming and weight loss, according to the newspaper. Bananas contain nutrients that reduce the amount of sugar in the blood to regulate the mass.

The fiber helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Bananas Potassium Magnesium containing the full measure of proof that exercise can do to the best energy tonic food.

A 7-inch and 8-inch-sized bananas, energy 105 Kcal, 1 tenth, 29 grams protein 3 million 07 grams of fiber, 27 virusesĀ  GaiusĀ  Cholesterol, 0 million, 39 grams Potassium 422 mg, Magnesium 3 million, 90 mg Phosphorous, 26 grams Calcium 5 million, 90 mg 10 million to 30 milligrams of vitamin C,tenth 31 mg iron and folic acid 23 million includes 60 micro-grams. Bananas and vitamin A. K and E, and also contains small amounts.

Those who are trying to lose weight, the body is used to the amount of calories burned and compared to the amount of calories required to view.

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