The Tint Tint Myanmar Group will be addressing legal issues regarding fuel debt

Tint Tint Myanmar Group Company for use in the water bus diesel Petro and Trans Group companies to credit payment system bought by the diesel is still worth more than 70,000,000 kyats on February 15 announced bud newspaper about Petro and Trans Group Company Statement legal stop will be on February 17, at the Sedona Hotel News Several conference Tint Tint Myanmar Group Chairman Ma Tint Tint Lwin said.

“How many gallons of gallons of oil per day is it? Please bring to our office a complete list of what kind of oil is being extracted on the day. You have already said it will clear everything. They said they would come. We replied that it was not possible to contact our office. The other is that our office cannot be hidden. The office is a good bureaucrat, and it is impossible to hide. To me, the writing in this newspaper makes no sense.

Our office is not closed. Better yet, the office has been moved to City Golf. This address has already been sent to all nearby. Also, if a person with a Letter Letter is published in the newspaper, they get more Notice Letter. This is useful if you do not reply to either side. We will continue to follow the law, ” said Tint Tint Myanmar Group Chairman Tint Tint Lwin.

“Petro & Trans Group has not sent petrol cylinders and files so far, but only allows diesel for the water bus, up to 50 lakhs and 100 lakhs. If it goes beyond that, he will report it to the BOD and the debt is now over 700 lakh, ” he said.

In addition, the document will be issued by the other company documents for visits Tint Tint Myanmar to extract money to the company Petro & Trans Group companies will be notified via text on 18 February and the debt has been paid for selling the affected companies Tint Tint Myanmar side within the legal framework of gifts Will pay half are four, he added.

The Myanmar Times, TAT Myanmar, which set up the Yangon Water Bus Company, will sue over 770 million kyats in debt by the end of February 28th, according to state-owned oil company Petro and Trans Group.

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