Virus Protection Working In Airport And Shuttle Bus Stop

Virus Protection Working In Airport And Shuttle Bus Stop

Kachin State According to the township Department of Public Health, the coronavirus is being carried out at the airport and at the shuttle bus terminal in Putao.

The Coronavirus outbreak is being carried out only in Putao airport and the international outbreak has increased over time, including health checks, as well as check-in at the checkpoints, according to the township health department spokeswoman, Daw Rose Gore.

According to him, more than 100 people are being examined every day, and since January 27, there have been no suspected cases.

“Every day, we have been examined, but there are no suspected cases of fever or fever today,” said Dr Rowling. The public health department has been making preparations for the quarantine in addition to any such precautionary measures.

In Kachin State, the Coronavirus Preventive Action is being carried out at Myanmar-China border checkpoints, such as the Kanpong Tung checkpoints, Pan Gate According to the Department of Public Health in Kachin State, the monitoring is being accelerated at the checkpoints.

The Ministry of Health Myanmar announced this morning that 21 people had been infected with the virus in Burma, with 13 of them without any symptoms.

As of today, there have been 60 thousand cases of avian influenza worldwide. The death toll was 1526, with over one thousand in China.

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