The Important Facts That Children Are Before Five Years Old

When exposed children are starting to talk first touch with parents. Parents of the child’s behavior and learn to view the first such parents live in itself is good, Behavior discipline, Education, The child learning everything parents need to understand and manage. To optimize the child nurturing parent you must read and study to find.

Before the five-year period is an important time. If the child has time to cultivate important if the baby’s early days, the time of the child before the age of 5 years can a child’s most important. Because the young age of its components, As far as the physical who want to learn.

5 years of a baby’s brain during early development of the baby in the study, 90 per cent are reported. Sort of a good basic foundation of strength, Whatever you want to teach a child at that time to teach all the basic foundation. Parents need to know it. The baby would be a wise child Whether they be a delinquent child depends a lot at that time taught in educational.

At that moment, depending teach a child to make a compromise with you, children’s venues You are and will always work against child means all. At that moment, the parents’ wisdom requires a lot of clean up. 5 so the child’s early years is because of the baby’s brain development is going to cultivate a child to become a good understanding, To teach children to become self-centered, Developed the idea to become a child, One of the good people Books are often interested in the time it is very important to become a child. What about the child’s physical, Mental Health is a very important time.

Some parents are not reading, Because of the study because the child’s vision, Hearing brilliant moves but do not know. One night when the child is safe, as long as you Kids could make it possible to avoid some parents receive more than your mother again. It’s up to the age of 6 months breast milk is fed anything except for you do not know what life has caused the death of children. We need to know nurturing stages.

For example, Growth of the child’s age should be a step-by-step to learn. (Especially parents), then talk to your child’s age to learn why you do not speak yet, What should know. Age of your child will get to walk to walk, learn what we should do exercises Baby’s intelligence, optimize blood When the baby’s brain development stages, when a child in understanding how values ​​is missing more games What training do the bottom edge.

To raise a child in The child’s best man is able to shape the only one of his parents. Ending child how a simple small anecdotes, For example, parents are talking to itself what is good stories, Witnesses must find evidence. Only then should be fed baby will grow old, a central processor, Avoid He knows and can effortlessly feed Age of the child should tell a story and can not love a story.

In fact, the infant child, the focus of clairvoyance Developed to sharpen intelligence requires an environmental campaign. A baby born to speak by speaking, nothing has sat still appeals to reason. Children around his parents tried to speak concerning the following expressions and words is important to submit born baby talk.

Children from birth to one month to see her mother’s face close to the child’s face. Children above the bed, or after 8-inch and 10-inch color bright bubble, The soft toy can be either hung. The three-month-old child can remember feeling the same color herself, If a different environment for granted now. In about six months, holding a small child can pull by hand grasp toys available.

To take up to nine months, the child they sound, Now you can play small toy that can move barley water and seek games to play now. Getting the children tore the paper. Picture book in nine months to a year old, Colors need to show now. Six months ago a low height and a story saying, Menacing gestures toward what we can do a few things to note. Although children still do not understand everything, everything you can learn your words begin.

When modern scholars study in the period before the child is 5 years old, learning to teach the child at the time, so cunning, Smart, good sense To be creative, The best time to teach to thinking. (Not a doctor himself, but can be child rearing books and reading is important.) The parents’ love.

Admin seen around it, there are around I therefore think that children, Daughter did not always explain the reason that often communicate impatient cries angrily responded to cry when parents respond to children are also parents to see the sort. I always do something for them to feel that they were valued by children who cry with enthusiasm instead of always became frustration cry dumped peers would become bullying.

Thank you I do not speak the parents’ children to say thank you for all kinds of social environments do not know. I gave birth to my daughter “because you never need to be treated respectfully,” holding the parents of children born is a great respect for his father and mother, To respect the environment became a great kids. While small children to raise parents’ love and attention received in the future, most likely to be precious children. More than others, has more trust yourself More talented. Can be considered mature understanding.

So, if a small child, which is sure to raise both adults had experienced a different group of friends, even if rationally you avoid. The parent is always impossible to see renewed attention of his knowledge, I was able to distinguish right and wrong will not walk alone in the world when parents.

So, if a child in the betterment of the child’s intellectual, To be healthy, To thinking, Cunning to become civilized, To allow for a good future for the country 0 of his childhood in the years from birth to age 5, the most important is forward.

Dad may also search for more specific studies have read your precious children can do this by keeping any age how to do such reading. The child’s physical development is important, The child’s mental development the child’s future is important because your result in law forward.


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