Daily Use Of Money And Bacteria On It

Daily use of clean know about the details, but the number of pests that affect the body will be surprised if we learn. According to the global study of the notes on the quantity and type of harmful pests were found to greatly increase.

How can people who are used to handle pests are found, to study the health effects will be transmitted. Scientist are used worldwide survey of notes directly from the bank to the new banknotes, the number of germs specifies that clean because only about 50 animals.

But most bacteria, but notes vegetables Said she was found in flea markets. Notes that the number of bacteria on the leaves out of the market has more than 48000 This is a brand new bank to be about a thousand times the mass of the Note 1 dirty.

The hospital notes that you have used the number of bacteria which was found about 1 thousand bread market, there are more than 3,500 bacteria. Most of the bacteria found on the line Nine of the bacteria, Most read Aunt posters.

Line-up of bacteria that can cause diarrhea diarrhea nine bacterial meningitis infection rates. Other bacteria are outside the human body’s immune system is weak, leading to adverse effects of microbes that can be accessed easily.

So, after daily use to take notes properly clean hands. Wash hands immediately Sinner Hand Gel. The hand holding the Note did not yet refined dietary exposure to your face and body Avoid taking.


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