The Women Who Men Should Consider Before Marrying

The Women Who Men Should Consider Before Marrying

Now, Hanuman’s brothers, the Ghanaian men, want to get married. I asked her sister, “What kind of woman should I take if I do not know what I should do?”

There are three types of women in this list. Think carefully about those three and then take them. Women should think about that (1) doctor, (2) teacher and (3) accountants.


If you don’t get a doctor, don’t be frustrated. Woody Jedi. Oops! You may have to look at his face, even though he may be busy with various tasks, such as nymph, ketchup, etc.

She does not want to be bothered by the fact that she wants to be taken care of by her gown and headache. If you say you have a hangover, please give her a card, say, “Well, I’ll give you a card.”

How are you really doing He will know no good. You can’t get too much. You have to pull her up and try to push her back when she starts to feel tired again.

If you take a teacher who is number two, the teachers are smart. He is a very good teacher. Don’t be afraid to teach her to be a teacher. She may know you better. Most importantly, you cannot lie to her.

You get together with your friends, TV and TV. When karaoke goes and returns home late at night, when you face her eyes that meet the door. No matter how much you lie, you will never be able to fool her when you meet her students who look like you are examining a student.

If you take the accountant, which is No. 3, the accountants are very accurate. He doesn’t even charge a penny.

If so, you have no way of getting your paycheck back to her. Make friends with your friends and the brewery. If you want to go on TV, you will have a hard time. Then the men who took the accountant’s wife would have to save more money to get to know Papenstein’s wife.

To avoid these troubles, do not go to the doctor or doctor. Teacher Think of those three accountants and think it over.

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