The Kind Of Man Who Love His Mother In Law

The Kind Of Man Who Love His Mother In Law…

The lottery ticket is for the couple to travel around the world. But the woman’s mother came with her.

The man did not want to be called, but he had to get married. The father-in-law was very much a fanatic, and he spoke to people about it. In every country they go, they confess their sins. The food was bad. The weather was not pleasant. People are rude. In one country, the people who went to the police went to the king and heard what happened. All three were in custody.

According to the country’s laws, it would be up to 50 times punitive for insulting a king. But the king does allow the body to loosen the straps in a way that relieves the visitor.

The woman demanded that she be allowed to wear a pillow on her hip. But the hitman is back and forth. I had some blows and I got a few shots. The father-in-law looked at his daughter and asked for two pillows. One is on the back. One asks for a knot on the hip. He was relieved.

When the man returned, the man said to the king, “Give me a bonus.” “If you can, you will do it. Ask for it.” Therefore, “I am guilty of bringing my mother-in-law to this country. So give me one hundred points instead of fifty fines.” The king was astonished and said, “It is cool! If you want it, give it. Are you sure?”

The man answered, “Yes.” The king asked, “What do you still want in your brother’s body?” “She is my mother-in-law.”

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