Three Factors You Should Notice When You See A Lizard

The lizard is usually a small reptile in the home. The barking of the knuckles often screams. Some rodents brush once every two to three days. If so, you will be well! May we have plenty of food.

Injected several times a day several times a day, adding: “Good health is possible. There is always a risk of corruption.”

Gold plated on the east side; Money, You will receive the jewelry number. If thrown from the back of the hive, the five enemy thieves will be in danger. When a broom is pulled from the southeast corner, two people come out of the house. Horse, Horse The livestock will be lost.

Two legs, two tigers and one foot. He is coming from the east. If torn down from the hut southwest, greed can come and go.

If it is pierced from the top of the hinges, it will be honored. Gold and silver Money, Wagon You will get a new number. If the brush is drawn above the head of the hive, it will get gradually like a bribe.

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