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A Chinese Man Who Workout And Looking For Lottery Win (10) Years

He is a millionaire and he interviews a national leaving home she quit her job, passing under a bridge (10) years of living .. The goal was to make a hole under the bridge and lottery number lottery will go to sit calculated.

People who walk away from one of the lottery numbers that will make the formula as a way to be able to know the 49-year-old Wang Chengzhou believes. His China The city of Chongqing under a bridge that would be helpful to live lottery formula are calculated.

Wang pick a good time cleaning out all the time and I was selected. He had been a construction worker was injured, but a broken thigh. (When you are coming from a back injury in 2008) started his strange had come to live at home under the bridge.

The 76-year-old mother was not until they contact the reporters Where son does not know. Her mother had pleaded with him to return to the house on New Year’s, but also not get any lottery not return until spring.

When questioned by the press, “identified a number lottery draw other side of the low skilled. (2) hours of the morning (5) hours of darkness when lottery numbers, I was very impressed. 200 yuan (US $ 2,000) per month using the Lottery to buy. Now Wang is a lottery, but the lottery itself will guide book.

He quit the postal official Wang pick (2) years of its work. Wang won the lottery what to do with the lottery are, but still won the lottery I’m never heard the official said. (In 2008) was calculated lottery Wang (10) years of age now. Last year, he won the lottery thing.

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