Snail Mucus Production In Thailand

A ranch in central Thailand, pumpkin and cucumber slice on the plate added inch in size are large snails crooked teeth. The ranch snails feed crops, which is released from snails collagen-rich print quality mucilaginous quality in the production of mucus is currently Cosmetics companies are already gold worth.

Sri Tan party in the outcome of farm snails once the harvest of food and drink were paddy farmers crackdown snails.

“In the past, farmers snails I found it out of the road or into rivers. But now, snails do not release them. I want to earn money, snails sold for vengeance. Snail bodies per kilogram from 25 baht to 30 baht (about a dollar) and the buyer, ” said Sri, told.

Thi Sri ranch on snails and snails 1000 hp up to $ 320 to $ 650 per month in revenue, has said. Thi capital of Sri ranch two hours journey from Bangkok to Cancun York is one state from among more than 80 snail farm. Speech York state has an estimated $ 314 million market for snails worldwide cosmetics market is in a state to make money exploiting research team Coherent Market Insights said.

Snail valuable quality to get the mucus long tube using models from the snail’s mucus glands quality produce mucus patiently to squeeze out. Thus it received a raw snail slime of Korea and the United States cosmetics being exported REGULAR distribution selling cosmetics company, to Aden International Thailand.

Snail mucus production in Thailand, the only company Aden International Speech York State snail breeding spread the economic benefits of working solution, was launched three years ago as a company founder, hot biscuits versed Van Lebanon.

Pakistani sponsorship of Aden The Company produced by snail slime serum addition to selling cosmetics brand named Acha Korea and the US cosmetics companies with snail slime generated £ 1.8 million baht per one kilogram of the powder has been sold ($ 58200).

Aden’s snail slime snail mucus in China for the production of daily extraction of the extract, once every three weeks in Thailand. At present, one kilogram $ 46300 price. Gold Price and Aden if you compared the company’s snail slime price is 80,000 baht per one kilogram of snail slime is expensive (up to $ 2600), according to Pakistani Nippon said.

“We produced good quality of the snail slime. Because small snails, vegetables, Even the ears of grains as well as fungi. That’s because they are high-quality quality issued mucus. The mucus is used to treat stroke and sunburn wounds, “said Pakistani sponsorship.

The snail slime cleaner, a doctor responsible for the industry Swan Lut Mo Chung snail slime of members of collagen and helps skin started less important protein sources said.

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