The Use Of Old Smart Phones With A Better Ways

The Use Of Old Smart Phones With A Better Ways…

Every time we buy a new phone, we re-sell the old one. They are often given to others. A new phone already exists. I don’t want to get rid of old phones. When that happens,

Here are some tips on how to use your old phone effectively.

1. Switch to remote control – Smartphones are known to be used as remote controls, but few are practical. So change your old phone into a removable one that will never go away.

2. Can be like CCTV – Smartphone cameras are better than CCTVs. With apps like TrackView you can monitor the security of your home.

3. Use as a dock phone – It would be great to convert your old phone into a home phone.

4. Google Home – Models that aren’t very low-end phones can be turned into Google Home. In the first step, your phone should understand and hear “Okay Google”. The next step is to connect to a speaker. Bluetooth Attached to the cable is convenient. Most importantly, your phone needs Google Assistant. The last step is to always have your phone and speaker plugged in. Now it’s Google Home.

5. Alarm can be used as an alarm – Some older phones have less RAM because they can’t play even small games, but they can be used as an alarm.

6. Use as a baby monitor – Baby monitors in the market are expensive. So use your old phone as a Baby Monitor with a Baby Monitor app. The Baby Monitor Annie app is quite easy to use.

7 Use as a Mp3 player – With just an old smartphone, you will be able to listen to all the music you want.

8 Use it as a file storage area – Don’t you believe in cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive? Then, use apps like “Ftp Server” to convert your old phone to a file storage.

9 Try it as a modem – You can now access the Wifi hotspot via your old phone. It also works well with laptops.

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