The Sagaing Strait Under A Number Of Major Cities In Myanmar

It was Dr. Win Swe who first discovered the Sagaing Strait. Is a geologist and geologist with a PhD in geology from Stanford University, USA.

In 1969, while he was working at the university, he began researching a breakthrough near Sagaing. Though it may have seemed like a small fade, the fieldwork took a lot of time to cross the map of Myanmar and found that it was a giant, 1000-kilometer (non-existent) giant.

The geographical position of the country is not just sitting on the Sagaing fault, but there are other earthquakes. The crags of the rock are cut. How sweet! Golden Triangle The rest of the day was gone. Sky Mogaung Sagaing Well, Happy Birthday! I don’t know. Stomach You sons of the people! Naypyitaw Taungoo Bago The Sagaing earthquake is located just below the cities.

The Sagaing fault is horizontal and is moving about 18.5 mm per year. j Starting from the Big Mile, it runs through the western part of the Bago Roma Valley to the Gulf of Mottama.

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