A Day For Shaming In Flim Industry

The couple officially announced their earnings from the Now & Ever movie. Surprisingly, only one car will pay the state tax over Kyat 1100 lakhs. Last year, the car had brought 1,800 lakhs.

I think that is the tax of our Myanmar artists in 2017. There are only four artists in the entire art world (film music) for the whole year. There are only two taxpayers, including two under 100,000, and a total of 16 taxpayers. The rest do not take it at all.

The film is a five-day film production by hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of famous actors and actresses. If you want to get a job, you will need to make sure that you have a good time.

How can you say how much you pay in the arts? I really admire the work of this couple. We must all be respected. Every time they film, they show the staff. I will encourage you to come back.

May I walk in the right direction.


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