Construction Of Total New 10559 Street Lamps In Mandalay This Year

Construction of new 10559 new street lamps in Mandalay every year.

“There are 105,559 new lanterns being erected each day and night during the fiscal year 2017-20,” said Dr Ye Lwin of Mandalay.

“The street lamp started in November 2018 with a donation of 240,000 kyats for the 24-arm double pole lamp. To date, donors have donated a single arm to 1689; It has 1006 double arms. We still donate, ”writes Dr. Ye Lwin.

East, west, west Lighting pillars are being installed in the North Main Street. Until 2016, new lanterns were installed, so light was not enough. Later lanterns were taller and taller according to Streetlight techonology, arm length and angulation; LED bulb quality.

The distance between the pillars and the width of the road has been calculated and the distance has been calculated. The Streetlight dimming system has been added and the meter is reduced due to low road users.

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