More Than One Hundred Tons Of Plastic To Irrawaddy River

To Irrawaddy River, plastic 119 tons of trash daily forsaken deeper inside a clean plastic pollution research done with FFI Group joint statement said. International conservation of wildlife and natural plants (FFI) and private agencies in December 2019 to June 2018 divided regional section 7 by a joint research.

FFI group Community waste management expert share’ll do well, “Waste Management will use about $ 20 a month, Using such a unique individual trash forsaken separate systems need to educate and Technically, Separate policies trash forsaken the system needs to be done, “he said.

In Irrawaddy River researching plastic pollution in the upper zone, Sagaing Division Mandalay zone Chindwin zone, Dry Zone, Magway zone, Among the delta and Yangon section to study it. According to their research into the Irrawaddy Delta River daily tons of plastic trash 32 most polluted forsaken in Yangon daily tons of plastic trash 29 most polluted forsaken second happened.

A separate analysis reparation square kilometers along the coast of Myanmar, plastic trash particle contamination spread over more than 28,000 saw a clean alternative to FFI and Myanmar Report. Research and Naypyidaw on July 9 on the Department of Natural Resources and Environment to meet with officials and discussed it.

The private group’s researcher Friedor Jeske, depends on all of us to solve ” Policy makers, Makers and civil society to work together to find ways to correct for Myanmar These methods take plastic so that they could carry out more severe pollution’m sure will be able to stop in time, “the meeting said.

With regard to alleviate the problem of plastic pollution and waste-management policy as well as with the private sector must be discussed with the plastic used instead of disposable plastic items to use replacement Education recommended a clean FFI Staff. Natural Resources and the Department of Environmental Conservation, Waste Management currently “best forsaken about Waste Management Program” glued policy drafted.

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