Workers Will Fight For Minimum Wage To Get 7200 Kyats

The minimum wage will be submitted to the National Minimum Wage Committee to demand 7200 kyats, according to the Union of All Labor Unions (CTUM).

The fee is 900 kyats per hour, based on a survey conducted by CTUM, and will be discussed with the rates collected by other labor organizations. Win Zaw, also a member of the CTUM Central Committee, said. “We will still have to discuss the common agreement,” Win Zaw said. According to the workforce, 7200 will require it. And the 7200 we have just collected is not good enough when compared to the real world. “But the 7200 is a fair rate.”

CTUM’s daily needs include living, living, and living. The survey focused on health and education. Bago Mandalay Sagaing Magway Region and Shan State; Kachin The survey was conducted in Kayin State.

“There are about 1,600 low rice mills,” said Mann Khin frag, a garment worker. 2,000 meals worth. Eat fat No onions yet. With 3,500 pieces of baby bread, It’s already 4,000. About 7,000 servings a day. There are no rent fees yet. Rent: 50,000; The lamps cost over 5,000, ”he said.

In addition, the attitude of the government and businessmen; Win Zaw said that despite the fact that there are factors such as GDP, the country will discuss the best rates.

To be held on November 30 in the Inya Lake forum with a common specification to a survey by the meeting would be about the minimum wage, and the survey can be said only after the Myanmar Industrial and Services Federation of Trade Unions (MICS) General Secretary Wholesalers Aung said.

Thet Thi Aung Aung said, “We will discuss what to include in the survey in 30 days. Both the government and the business people will join. After that, we will discuss what to include in the survey. We will not be the only party to conduct the survey, but we will include them in the general criteria, ”he said.

According to CTUM, the 7200 rate obtained is quite different from the previous statistic of 4,800, making it difficult to meet the demand.

U Win Zaw said, “The difficulties can be high for the 4,800 and 7,200, so that the gap is high. Employer The challenge will be high when it comes to the three-party government. We, as representatives of our workers, will try our best and be as good as possible. ”

Under the former president Thein Sein, the minimum wage law was enacted on March 22, 2013 and the rules were enacted on July 22, 2013. The minimum wage rate was set for the first time on September 1, 2015, and was set at 3,600 kyats per hour for 8 hours per day, at a rate of 450 kyats per hour.

Labor unions have demanded a minimum wage of 5,600 kyats, but in May 2018, despite the protests, many labor unions have approved it. At the minimum wage law, minimum wage rates must be updated every two years, so the third rate amendment must be amended by May 2020.


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