Free Lawyers For Poor People

Mandalay On November 29th, the Legal Aid Office opened a free legal aid office for poor people.

Kyaw Thiha Tun, a lawyer for the Township Legal Aid, said: You can come to the office to discuss all issues. “If a criminal case is filed, the lawyer will not be able to hire a lawyer if they come to the office.”

Meiktila is the first to open a legal aid office in Meiktila. The local Daw Than said, “Since the office was opened, there is no specific location for the case to discuss the case. I am glad that I can discuss it in the office. “Whatever the case, we are brave and courageous to ask.”

Currently, there are five lawyers. Since the beginning of the year, every week, the village has been conducting awareness-raising seminars in the village to consider how to solve the problem rather than solve the problem.


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