Different Kinds Of Doctors In Myanmar

“Different Kinds Of Doctors In Myanmar”

According As is the case in Burma. The clinic is open. Come on, Diclo. Glucose will be taken by hand. Who would get the vaccine without the vaccine for the patients who thought it would be cured?

As Tanya Wan told her son in his days. There are so many celebrities in the world. If successful, just do a pop-up. It will succeed.

Our doctors have to try to be good doctors. When I let people out of public life, I have to think I’m a star. It’s time to explain that you shouldn’t get the vaccine without explaining the disease. They don’t need them.

To be a healer, to take medicine, you do not have to be educated, to be in a good mood, to hold in your hand and to be in a hurry. Do we think Ramsar is thinking of clinics in the jungle where doctors are not open to doctors?

If you have a doctor who is a doctor and has a doctor in a big city, then the boy has just finished school and has no medical treatment at the hospital, so he is not afraid to take any medicine. They are nine levels behind us compared to us. This is a clinic where people who are not Nurses or HAs are attacking the doctor.

I don’t know if this is the case, but in a year or so, the parliamentary debate on this bill has been defeated. Are you provoking this to jealousy? The clinic has been open for five years. For those who trust in it, I am a five-star, and the rest is not worth living for. May our kingdom be healthy.

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